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Winter 2019 Themes Are Here!
Dec 26, 2019 13:19:05 GMT -8
::: The Grand Lobby | Members Social

Are you a new member who wants to introduce yourself, or need a break from role-playing? This is the place to do so!

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The Machine: Moral Dilemmas & Conundrums
Dec 26, 2019 13:06:14 GMT -8
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Our largest collection of long-running posting games are found within. Have some fun interacting with members.

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What's on your mind at the moment?
Dec 26, 2019 13:14:32 GMT -8
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Flarezero's Anubis Ma'at Gallery
Dec 26, 2019 12:50:01 GMT -8
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Written works, such as short stories, poetry, fan-fiction, and even stories from previous role-plays are on display here.

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[Fanfiction] KoF: Comedy Saga Part 4: The Supermarket
Dec 26, 2019 13:34:35 GMT -8

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::: Choose Your Destination Engagement Latest Thread Update
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Roleplaying With Younger Players
Dec 26, 2019 12:48:46 GMT -8
::: The Ethereal Union | Character Battlegrounds

Take your newly created character and test them out in your own custom role-play battles!

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Rpg Character Code Test Thread
Dec 26, 2019 14:10:04 GMT -8
::: A.U. Feudal Japan | Sengoku Den

Rpg Plot: In our universe there exists two planes. One is the world of the living. The other, is the world of the dead. This land of wandering souls is known in Neo Japan as 'Naraku'. As on the surface of the living world, Naraku has similar features. Diverse creatures of both man and beast reside together in both peace and in conflict...

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::: Anime & Manga Crossover | United By Conflict

Rpg Plot: It is sunset in quiet neighborhoods of Ikonumi lay under the setting sun of the otherwise busy afternoon. All seemed normal in this little town...but normality is not commonplace in this world of warring factions between good and evil.

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::: Fantasy & Adventure | Night Spire: Realms

Rpg Plot: In the distant future, the universe begins to die. The major hierarchies of The Allure have all fallen, and the Tri-Crescent & Omega Universes start to crumble and disappear into nothingness. Is it the beginning of the end, or can humanity save it?

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::: Sci-Fi Action & Drama | Euromecha Universe

Rpg Plot: The year is 2356. A power hungry nation stationed on a man-made satellite in the heart of the Omega Universe threatens all who opposes them. To fight back this threat, the Euromechian government has created an institution where their people can undergo intensive instruction on how to use a new type of battle-machine: The Metamechas 7.

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::: Choose Your Destination Engagement Latest Thread Update
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OATHIA (Original High Fantasy)
Jan 2, 2020 22:34:31 GMT -8

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弓Yumi Sakurai: Everyone, your rp characters have been added to the database! We can now begin once again. ^^ Sept 14, 2019 23:41:04 GMT -8
Byron: I forgot my username T^T Sept 16, 2019 21:14:52 GMT -8
Flarezero: I like the new admin profile pictures, looks really cool! Sept 20, 2019 13:18:23 GMT -8
Taeyeon June Ra: My character is all ready to go! <3 Sept 20, 2019 13:18:57 GMT -8
弓Yumi Sakurai: I love the new profile customizer! <3 Oct 1, 2019 0:49:24 GMT -8
Sakuraღ: Hey Yumi! ^^ Oct 1, 2019 0:49:56 GMT -8
弓Yumi Sakurai: Hey Sakura! <3 Oct 1, 2019 0:50:02 GMT -8
Stahla: Good evening Ise! :) Oct 19, 2019 16:16:06 GMT -8
Sakuraღ: What up everyone! Love the new Ghibli thread! <3 Oct 19, 2019 16:26:43 GMT -8
太陽 Ise Seong-hwa: Hello Stahla! ^^ Oct 19, 2019 16:27:03 GMT -8
Luna Nightshade†: Hey girls! <3 Oct 19, 2019 16:29:19 GMT -8
佭Renji Sakurai: New chapter of Sengoku-den Starts November 1st! ^^ Oct 19, 2019 16:36:23 GMT -8
Eliza Zanethrum: Affiliates have been updated for the month! ^_^ Oct 30, 2019 0:21:28 GMT -8
弓Yumi Sakurai: Hey Elizabeth! ^^ Oct 30, 2019 0:56:25 GMT -8
Nu Dragon: New winter themes are up! Check the latest new thread for more! <3 Nov 11, 2019 1:17:53 GMT -8
Luna Nightshade†: Merry Christmas all! Dec 26, 2019 13:21:29 GMT -8
Nu Dragon: Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! :) Dec 26, 2019 14:06:22 GMT -8
woknation: I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas and new years :3 Jan 2, 2020 3:05:49 GMT -8
woknation: I can't believe it's been since November 2012 since I last posted on here for Side Story: Lilac Zero Hour. Jan 2, 2020 3:29:08 GMT -8
woknation: Lately I have been watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe series :3, I just finished the original Avengers movie. Many many to go Jan 6, 2020 21:32:31 GMT -8
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